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Coming Clean: The Drug Crisis


Coming Clean: The Drug Crisis

James Austin

The Drug Crisis in Columbia County and surrounding areas has hit a fever pitch, with a record setting 21 fatal drug overdoses in 2016 alone. Rehabs are full, the county coroner is buying more body bags, and people are sick of losing their sons, daughters, husbands and wives to this epidemic. That is why NEWSRADIO WHLM had a week-long segment on the WHLM Morning Buzz called "Coming Clean: The Drug Crisis" that ran from 8:30-9:00 am October 24th-28th. WHLM took a detailed look at the drug crisis with area experts, in order to expose just how bad this epidemic is. They looked at the crisis from different angles: Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice, Mental Health, Emergency Medicine, and through the lens of History and Politics.

You cal listen to the radio program on WHLM's Soundcloud page or right here: